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2020 - OIV Research grant program in support of priority programme fields
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2020 - OIV Research grant program in support of priority programme fields
Within the framework of developing its Strategic Plan, the OIV grants research scholarships in priority programme fields on a yearly basis. Grants offered within the framework of this programme are short term (six months to fifteen months maximum) and are provided for specific post graduate training programmes. Targeted candidates must be very qualified, with the desire to pursue their research, further knowledge and keep up on the latest progress made in their field of study and/or work.
Application forms must be filled out and sent to the OIV - OIV – Research grants – 35, rue de Monceau – 75008 Paris – or
Deadline for submitting requests: 24th October 2020
Priority themes for 2020 research grants
  • Climate Change:
    • Action to combat climate change and its impacts
    • Strategies to modulate grapevine resilience in new cultural contexts and in a changing environment.
  • Reduction de Pesticides et recherche des alternatives aux produits phytosanitaires traditionnels (Cu, Biostimulants, autre).
  • Precision viticulture: Use of different technologies / methodologies / innovations in the wine sector.
  • Sustainable use of water in viticulture: Varietal adaptation related to water consumption (WUE and climate change).
  • Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.
  • Grapevine Trunk diseases.
  • Tables Grapes, Grape Juice and consumer perception regarding health, nutritional and phytosanitary aspects. Comparison with other drinks and Impact of different grape dehydration conditions on secondary metabolites changes
  • Reduction of inputs at the technological and microbiological levels
  • Eco-winery: Reduction of inputs and optimization of water and energy consumption in wine production
  • Authenticity and traceability of wines: methods of analysis and managing of data
  • Chemical and functional characterization of oenological tannins
  • Sensorial analyses: new approaches and new methodologies
Economy and Law
  • Socio-economic responsibility in wine industry and consumers’ awareness
  • Enhancement (or valorization? ) of vitivinicultural production in territorial, cultural and social contexts
  • Circular economy in the wine industry
  • COVID-19 consequences on the vitivicultural sector
  • Consumer’s reactions and understandings in time of pandemic isolation.
  • Health warning labels – consumer understanding of impacts
Safety and Health
  • The effects of wine consumption on diseases
  • Changes in consumption habits including among young people
  • Contaminants, toxins and additives (in particular zinc, cadmium, …..)
  • Biological effects of the consumption of wine
  • Social and cultural context of wine consumption
  • A review of the literature around wine impacts on health (as distinct from alcohol)
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OIV Research grant program in support of priority programme fields
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